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 ASB is primarily known as a revered 5 piece ensemble of choice musicians that originated in 2016. The group consists of two lead singers of male and female persuasion, that respectively play incredible harmonica and trumpet, a talented bassist and lead guitarist, and a highly accomplished drummer. They occasionally welcome additional horn players, depending on the event. Their set is a foot-tapping, danceable, get-your-groove-on soul, funk, rhythm & blues set.  The group performs at private & corporate events, festivals, TV shows, universities, restaurants & bars.  ASB can downsize its ensemble and sound equipment to fit into any venue. The group is equipped to perform in an intimate venue downtown or on the countless premier commercial and private stages throughout New England.   

Booking Information 


The band offers a minimum of 1 hour and up to 4 hours of live entertainment. 


The ensemble has the ability to fit into any size venue and adapt to that individual room. 


The group is versatile enough to perform a quiet restaurant show or ramp up the funk, rhythm & blues, and rock & roll on a weekend night, or perform a mix of anything in-between. 

Ambient Sojourn's attire ranges from black tie formal to casual based on the individual venue's specific needs and atmosphere. 


The band uses a state-of-the-art Bose PA system.


What is special about the Bose PA system? 

 It is small, portable, and compact.


 It's placed behind the performers and acts as both the main and monitor speakers with zero feedback. 


Only a limited portion of the band goes through the PA.

 Fewer speakers and performers going through the PA significantly reduces overall volume and gain.


 Decreased PA equipment allows more floor space to entertain.

 Bose quality sound is second to none!


Additional Info:  


Our band leader continuously monitors the volume of the group to ensure that your patrons can consume, have a conversation, dance, and have fun without overbearing volume levels.

Ambient Sojourn co-hosts events with each venue promoting them months in advance using Facebook & Instagram. 

The group can email a promotional flyer to the venue per their request leading up to the event. 

The band arrives on site a minimum of 2 hours in advance of showtime to set up and requires approximately 1 hour after the performance to break down. 

The band offers affordable price points across a variety of events.





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