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Josh Powers - Bass
Ella Fitzgerald
Jaco Pastorius
Pink Panther
Woodside Studios
Frank Sinatra
Miles Davis
"Little Birdie"
Special Guest Doug Lang
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Renee Legendre
Janis Joplin
Carl Roberts-Harmonica
Buddy Rich
Thelonious Monk
Dave Alex
Josh Powers-Bass
Mike Rush
road runner
Michael Petrishen
Kris Koch
James Brown
Kris Koch-Drums
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Esperanza Spaulding
Paul Smitty Smith
John Coltrane
Making Time Debut Album
Special Guest - Greg Cambio - Sax
Morgan Scott
The Jeffersons
Eddie Van Halen
Special Guest Doug Lang
Ann Wilson of Heart
Woodside Studios
Pete Wise-Percussion, Vox
Jim Morrison
Pat Metheny
Tal Wilkenfeld
Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin
Jeff Beck
Jerry Garcia
Peter Wise
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Pat Metheny
Jimmy Page
Josh Powers- Bass
John Bonham
Jerry Garcia
Jimi Hendrix
Kris Koch
Mike Petrishen
The Beatles
Snoopy impersonating Miles Davis
Miles Davis
Pete Wise- Percusiion, Vox
Stevie Wonder
Herbie Hancock
Doug Lang
Herbie Hancock
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Music on Page - Topsy - Edgar Battle & Eddie Durham performed by Ambient sojourn 
                      With Special Guest Morgan Scott on Guitar, Mike Johnson-Drums


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