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(1) Live Central Mass Music or LCMM is for music fans and all groups to support and promote live music (including GB, Tribute and cover bands). 

(2) Central Mass Improv or CMI is for bands and fans of improvisational music. As found in jazz, jam, funk & blues style bands and or any other type of ensemble that shares the common practice of  using improvisation. 


(3)  Mass East Central Deadheads or MECD Is for Grateful Dead fans residing in East-Central Massachusetts and love The Grateful Dead as well as improvisational music.

 (4) Mass Jazzing or MJ is for Jazz, fusion fans & groups performing in Mass.

Book the Ambient Sojourn Band to Funkify  your next bash at

Track on page- Chameleon -Herbie Hancock-Special guests

Morgan Scott- Guitar, Doug Lang-Sax 




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